When it comes to selling an owner-occupied home, first impressions matter. Ideally, a house that boasts excellent design but is not displayed well loses its allure and appeal. So how can you increase prospects of a quick close on such a listing? Well, one of the recommended ways is through home staging. Home staging techniques help a home stand out by focusing on its outstanding features over the flaws.

Let’s look at the tips to use when working with a home stager for an owner-occupied listing:

Hold interaction meetings

The first step to staging an owner-occupied listing is to hold an interaction meeting between you, the stagers, and the home seller. This meeting will help you come up with an agreed strategy, budgets, and timelines. During your interactions, the focus should be the ideal staging techniques to use to achieve a simple yet elegant look that gives prospective buyers an impression of class and style. Also, ensure you work with all stakeholders to identify the property’s excellent features as well as the weaknesses that need improvement.

Boost the curb appeal

When staging a home, it is relatively easy to forget about the exterior. Yet this is the first feature that a potential buyer will see. If your exterior is not appealing, potential buyers may lose interest in viewing the inside. Work with a home stager to improve the exterior and make it attractive and welcoming. Some great tips include landscaping, taking care of the lawn, cleaning the gutters, designing a clear path to the front door, and placing new doormats at the front door. If the property has a pool, ensure it is crystal clear. You may also have to do a fresh paint on the doors.

Decluttering/storage options

You should also look at the decluttering options available for you. Before any home staging can take place, it first has to be decluttered. Decluttering can help you sell your listing faster and at a top dollar. A decluttered, clean home is very appealing to buyers. It also gives them an idea of how they will arrange their stuff to fit into the neat spaces neatly. Importantly, decluttering makes your home look larger and keeps buyers from being distracted.

Room styling

Each room should be styled uniquely to give its best-selling advantage. Utilize home stagers’ expertise to arrange expertly, style, and revamp each of your spaces so that you achieve an instant connection with potential buyers. The objective should be to make each room visually and emotionally okay for the ideal buyer.

De-personalize the space

A common mistake that some real estate agents make when selling an owner-occupied listing is leaving the home personalized. Ensure the homeowner takes down all personalized items such as photographs from the walls and sculptures on surfaces. One primary goal of staging is to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in the space and having personal items hanging on walls can quickly alienate them.


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