If you’re planning to sell your home, you should know that the design of the space can affect how quickly it sells. The price you ultimately get for the house may also be affected by what potential buyers see. 

There are plenty of things about your home you can’t change, such as its location and the overall size of the rooms. You can change some of the design elements, though, which may mean a faster sale for a higher price. Here are a few of the most critical areas to consider.

Your Styles and Preferences Matter

The preferences you have and the styles you like are both important when you design your home. You want it to be a reflection of you, so you can genuinely feel comfortable there. Eventually, though, you might decide to sell your home and move to another space.

The bold styles and eclectic designs you’ve used throughout your home over the years you’ve lived there might keep some buyers from choosing your space. If buyers feel like they have to make a lot of changes, they might also offer less so they have money to adjust the home to their liking.

Neutral Colors Can Mean an Easier Sale

One of the easiest ways to make your home more buyer-friendly is to repaint it. A fresh coat of interior paint is a great way to make a home smell fresh and clean, and it can also help buyers feel like they don’t have to do as much before they move in.

Beiges and light gray tones are often good choices. You can also stick with a shade of white to keep the space as neutral as possible. While not everyone likes more muted colors, it’s usually the right choice for a home sale. Then the new buyers can decide if they want bolder colors in the space in the future.

Furniture Placement Affects the Space

Another area to consider with your home design is the placement of your furniture. When you have a lot of large, heavy furnishings in a home, it can make the rooms seem smaller and closed off. Before putting your home up for sale, consider rearranging the furniture or removing some of it so buyers feel like there’s more room.

It’s not always easy to know what a buyer will like because everyone is different. But the best thing you can do to get your home sold quickly for a reasonable price is to make it as open and neutral as possible. That will please the largest number of potential buyers and make it easier for buyers wanting bolder colors and other adjustments to make changes before they move in.

Overall, you want to offer the largest number of options and ensure that buyers see your home as a good choice for their future needs. When they see how your home can work for them, you increase your chances of getting it sold so you can move on to your next adventure.