When designing or updating your home, every decision can make or break your end result. Cohesive and classy finishes can make your home stand out amongst similar competitors, and seal the deal with a prospective buyer. With so many options for finishes, the possibilities present a fun but challenging part of your home design process.


Mix and Matte Paint

Matte paint gives a soft, textured look to even the boldest colors and increases the drama of neutrals. Paint a whole room with a single matte color, or pair matte color accents with satin or glossy walls. The high pigment and forgiving lack of sheen makes it a great option, especially with older houses that need a lot of coverage.


Bring in the Woods

The styles of wood paneling has changed over the decades, but the appeal has not. An accent wall of high quality wood can bring some warmth homeyness back into even the most industrial designs. A thick butcher block countertop or kitchen island can have a similar effect and is a great option for modern kitchens. 


Quartz is the New Granite

Newer quartz manufacturing processes are able to mimic the beautiful marbling of natural stones, but with a non-porous stain and scratch-resistant surface that natural stones can’t top. Clean white quartz countertops can give your kitchen a light and bright feel that pairs well with a variety of wall colors and tile styles.


Tile it All Together

Speaking of tile, complimentary tile designs throughout the house can bring a cohesive and polished look to your home. A small hexagon tile in the bathrooms, paired with a large hexagon tile for the kitchen backsplash or floor, can tie the home style together without having everything perfectly matching. Another option is horizontal subway tile turned vertical or arranged in a herringbone pattern in different rooms throughout the house. If you create a bright mosaic as a centerpiece tile in the kitchen, incorporate those same colors in accent tiles in the bathrooms or in recessed shelves.


Concrete Isn’t Finished

Concrete has been a construction staple since ancient times, but it is just now coming into its own as a bold design choice that far surpasses its utilitarian beginnings. Concrete counters, floors, and accent walls can bring an edgy, industrial look to your home. An added concrete stain gives it a glossy look that will really get some attention.


Style Hits the Ceiling

The ceiling provides a large blank canvas of possibilities that is often overlooked. A customized ceiling design can really add that special touch to the central spaces of your home. Add a medallion as a centerpiece or try a bold wallpaper or paint color. Another great option is a metal tiles which come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Open Your Shelves Up

Exposed or floating shelves can break up a long wall of kitchen cabinets to add some visual variety. Open shelves can also be used to give the look and feel of a mantel so that you can display your most precious items. The key to open shelves looking great is keeping them sparse and clean with only a few prominent display items.


Bringing the Outdoors In

Nothing livens up a home and adds the perfect finishing touch like bright leafy plants. Succulents and rubber tree plants require little maintenance and can be clustered around the house in corners and on shelves and window sills. Living walls are also a great option if you have a blank space that needs a little something extra. 



Add the perfect furniture and accessories to compliment your new finishes and you could be selling your house faster and for more money. Contact Creative Home Stagers today and have their professional team of expert designers stage your home to sell fast!