Changing paint colors is the quickest way to transform any room. The colors we choose have the power to energize us or keep us calm. They enhance our decor and make our rooms more inviting. This year’s color trends take a mindful approach to how we live our lives. With bold, optimistic colors to lift us up to serene barely-there pastels, there is a color for every taste.  

Inspired by Nature

Bringing the healing powers of nature inside is a big theme this year. Mushroom grays and fern inspired colors take a muted approach to woodland colors without too much of a botanical feel. For a warmer look, try creamy rust or terracotta.

Go Green

Green may not have been on your radar, but deep greens are very in this year. Hunter green and forest green are two colors inspired by nature that work great in large, light-filled rooms. They’re timeless and work well with natural elements and neutral colors. Try PPG’s color of the year, Night Watch.

Bold Colors

There are many bold and bright colors to choose from this year. For an energizing vibe try coral. Pantone’s color of the year this year is Living Coral. This color instantly transforms any room into a bright exciting space. Feeling optimistic? Try vibrant yellows or oranges. For a real playful punch, go for electric citrus colors like lemon or lime.

Looking for color but something not quite so bright? Try a deep saturated color, like navy, charcoal, or that super popular hunter green. 

Barely-there Colors

Go minimalist with your decor and your paint color with these barely-there hues. Off-creams are a beautiful way to show off your minimalist design and they change tone depending on the lighting for added interest. For a slightly sunnier neutral go with clay tones. More interesting than browns or beige these colors add personality to any room.  Pale pinks play nice with most colors, making them very versatile. For a timeless look go for a dusty blush. Blues are always popular. This year try a misty blue for a serene grounding effect. 


With all these colors at your disposal don’t waste them on just your walls! Painting the ceiling is a great way to add height and interest to a room. If you’re worried you may tire of a bold color quickly, use it to paint doors or trim instead of the entire wall, or add an accent wall to get that vibrant color without overwhelming the space.

Whatever your style, there are plenty of beautiful color choices this year. However, if you are trying to sell your home, we recommend using a more neutral approach for staging purposes as it allows potential buyers to generate ideas on how they would personalize it. Our designers at Creative Home Stagers would love to work side by side with you to create the design of your dreams to help you sell your home faster.


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