Selling in Charlotte? It’s important to remember that all Charlotte home buyers are not the same!

Creative Home Stagers have been staging in Charlotte for over a decade. Much like every buyer is different, every neighborhood is different, too. It’s important to stage your home accordingly. Here are our neighborhood-by-neighborhood tips for staging your house in CLT.


Myers Park

Myers Park buyers are traditional. They’re drawn to typical  southern charm and they are absolutely sold on curb appeal. Focus on the outdoors: Landscaping, pressure washing/painting, and outdoor living spaces when possible. Because there’s a lot of old tree growth in Myers Park it’s important to bring in as much natural light as possible; open or remove curtains, spread plantation shutters, and draw up those blinds. Lighter interior color palettes almost always make a space feel brighter.


NoDa/Plaza Midwood

Buyers in these neighborhoods are quirky! These neighborhoods offer a super-unique mix of old and new, so it’s smart to play up whichever style your home exudes. Don’t be afraid of a little color, unique furniture, and of having a little fun with décor (just don’t go overboard!) Since these are two of the hottest neighborhoods in town right now, angling your space towards the most likely fit is a good call. That means turning that third bedroom back into a bedroom from an office to appeal to families, etc.



Where better than Uptown to get sleek and modern? Buyers in Uptown are generally looking for contemporary design (with a few notable exceptions such as Fourth Ward), so do what you can to give it to them. Also play up the windows – if there’s a view, great! Clean the glass and move any in-the-way furnishings. If not? No problem, just make sure there’s a way to ensure privacy using shades or curtains so buyers won’t be scared off by the fishbowl effect.



Dilworth is Charlotte’s quintessential family neighborhood. Play up a home’s family-friendly features by turning extra space into a toy nook, paring back the overgrown yard, and focusing on casual, non-stuffy furnishings. Because so many of Dilworth’s homes are historic, they often lack some of the square footage buyers find in other neighborhoods. Stage around this by removing all unnecessary furniture, decluttering shelves and knick-knacks, and putting some of your personal belongings into storage.


Lake Norman/Lake Wylie

The lake life! Many of the most popular neighborhoods on the lakes in Charlotte are new construction, or close to it. Be sure to add a little life to a potentially sterile new build with a few pops of color and some softness in every room (think: area rugs.) A lot of new construction homes in the Southeast have open concept living/dining/kitchen spaces. Good news is that buyers love this, just be careful to stage the open space to show distinctive “rooms.” Create a seating area division between the living and dining rooms, for example, with the orientation of the couch.


There are, of course, dozens of other neighborhoods in Charlotte. These are just a few examples to help you understand how staging changes with the zip code. Knowing your buyer is half the battle…creating a home that appeals to them is the other half.


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