Trying to sell your house? If so, you need to know about the latest trend in the Real Estate industry that will help your house stand out in this highly competitive buyer’s market. What is this new trend? It is all about staging your home to sell. Employing this strategy alone, according to national statistics, you can decrease your listing time by 80% and increase your sale amount by as much as 10 to 15%.

What is home staging? Exactly as it sounds, it is the act of preparing your residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. But that is the simple Wikipedia definition, home staging in the full sense, has many layers and usually involves a team of professionals who assist you, the seller, in every way possible to achieve the quickest sell for the most equity.

So, if you find yourself breathing faster, chewing your fingernails and getting a headache at just the mere mention of the word “staging”, you can relax. There are certified, licensed trained professionals who specialize in taking the drama out of the “act of preparing…”. And, fortunately, if you are staging your home to sell in Charlotte, North Carolina, the dedicated team at Creative Home Stagers can help make the entire process painless and of course, more prosperous.

When clients ask Carol Smith, the owner of Creative Home Stagers, “can you please explain, exactly…what is home staging?” The answer comes with a wealth of knowledge backed up by proven industry techniques , not just about presentation and curb appeal, but also about promotion. Carol explains, “the goal of home staging is to create a neutral environment which allows the potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the surroundings, along with their own furnishings and sense of style. When staging your home to sell, it is crucial that your particular style and personality does not dominate the space and crowd out the buyer’s freedom to visualize your home as their dream home.”

Again, if the thought of staging your home to sell is overwhelming, professional home stagers like Carol and her qualified staff, have several options available to meet your individual needs. Hate to paint? They can take care of painting inside and out. Feel clueless when it comes to clutter? They can be hands on to help you get rid of unwanted items or if preferred, simply advise you on how to achieve the best appearance so you can do it yourself. After the initial consultation with Carol and her staff, you can be confident the option you pick will be specifically tailored to fit your specific situation as well as your budget.

Moving from one residence to another is stressful enough without having to worry about how quickly your current home is going to sell or if you will get your asking price. So finally, what is home staging? It is the ultimate gift to yourself, your realtor, and to your buyers who are going to walk through your house and then jump at the chance to say…we want to make an offer!