Spring is the best time of year to sell a home, but it’s also the most popular. Even red-hot real estate markets see a lot of competition in springtime, so setting your house apart is paramount if you want to sell quickly and for top-dollar. Spring’s buyers are ready to pull the trigger.

There are plenty of tried-and-true ways to market a home for sale: Open houses, real estate magazines, newspaper ads. But what are some unique ways you can set your house apart? The team at Creative Home Stagers has seen hundreds of effective Realtors in action, and these are a few of the most innovative marketing ideas we’ve been privy to.


Drone Photography

Drones aren’t just for military recon anymore! It’s actually far more affordable than you might think to rent a drone or hire a drone photographer, and the photos are truly something special. Particularly if you have a home with great outdoor space – a killer pool, a huge backyard, a fantastic location relative to a commercial district – drone pics can be a difference-maker. In a world in which nearly 9 out of 10 buyers use an online resource during the home search process, it takes great photos to stand out.


Create a Website

Individuals have websites. Dentists have websites. Dogs have websites. There’s no reason your home for sale shouldn’t have its own website! A simple website with an excellent photo gallery isn’t all that complicated to set up (as your Realtor) and can be an excellent marketing tool to reach the buyer who’s always on the move. Be sure to include plenty of amazing photos of your properly staged home and a contact section that goes right to your Realtor so inquiries can be answered quickly.


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are becoming the norm, slowly but surely. The idea of a virtual tour may not be as “offbeat” as it was just a few years ago, but rest assured most buyers aren’t going the extra mile. Today, it’s easy to find a real estate photographer who can do videography and photography! Before your video is shot, stage your home like you’re having an open house. Clean out clutter, open all the blinds, and go as bright and neutral as possible to ensure you don’t lose any buyers before they even step foot in your home.


Purposeful Staging

Staging isn’t just for dated homes or empty houses. It’s a valuable marketing tool smart Realtors use time and again to paint homes in their absolute best light. Consider how great staging can turn that empty loft into a “media room,” create usable indoor/outdoor space on your back patio, or even depersonalize a home you’ve lived in for decades. Staging offers one of the best ROIs in the real estate industry.

We love to see home sellers engaged in the selling process. The more you understand the limitations and opportunities of your market, the smoother your home selling process will go. When you’re ready to learn more about the true value of home staging, reach out to Creative Home Stagers.