doorOne way to freshen up the look of the interior doors within your home is to give them a fresh coat of paint. Since these doors do not take the everyday beating of the weather like exterior doors, it is easier to paint them. In fact, you can even paint these interior doors right on their hinges.

To get started, place a drop cloth under the door. Alternatively, if you would like a better work surface, take the door off the hinges by removing the pins from the hinges. Place the door on top of two sawhorses for an even surface. Once in place, the process for painting the door is simple.

– Work from the top of the door to the bottom.

– If the door is a flush door (such as a hollow core door) roll the paint on using a lint free cover. Then, use a brush in the direction of the grain to complete the look.

– If you have a panel door, the process is slightly different. Paint the recesses of the doors first. Then, pain the panels followed by the horizontal rails. Finally paint the vertical stiles