If your home has a patio or a porch, it’s already got a selling feature! Outdoor space is one of the most-often requested home features from buyers. Is your porch or patio doing your home justice?

Whether you’re on the market or just want to spruce up your space, here’s how you can make your patio, porch, deck, or veranda feel more inviting.


Start With Cleaning

Your outdoor space is probably the part of your home you spend the least time cleaning. Isn’t that what rain is for?! A pressure washer can restore your patio’s luster in just a few hours by removing grit and grime, and some old fashioned elbow grease will do a wonder on discolored wrought iron, bricks, or wooden railings.

Add a Rug

Outdoor rugs are a fantastic way to designate a space, particularly if the “floor” of your patio or porch is less than inviting. Be sure to choose a rug that’s designed to be left outdoor year round, and select a lighter color as vibrant rugs can quickly fade in the sun.

Utilize Seating

What good is a patio or porch if there’s nowhere to get comfortable? Creating a seating area is the best way to tell the world your patio is ready for relaxing, just choose your pieces wisely. If you’re short on room, an outward-facing bench is a good bet. If you’ve got plenty of space, a coordinating chair and table set creates truly indoor/outdoor living.

Bring it Alive

Just because your outdoor space is outdoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include some greenery! A tabletop potted plant or a colorful window box is a great way to tie in the living space to the outdoors. Don’t have room? A potted plant in the corner is another way to really bring in the indoors out, and vice versa.

Don’t Forgo Fabrics

Thanks to technology, it’s now easy to find fabrics created specifically for the outdoors! Patios, porches, and decks tend to have a lot of hard lines and unforgiving materials. Make them feel cozier with some throw pillows, seat cushions, and of course, a great outdoor area rug. Softening the space makes it imminently more inviting.


Creatively staging the outdoor space you have is a great first step towards getting your home sold quickly – and enjoying it more yourself!
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