3 Places You Should Be Cleaning Your Staged Home But Probably Aren't.jpeg

You know you need to keep your home clean when it’s on the market, but did you clean it correctly? If you’ve taken the extra step to properly stage your home for sale, be sure you’re cleaning it in all the right places. Here are three spots homeowners often overlook that should get a thorough cleaning before and during your listing.

  1. Baseboards
    You probably never notice your baseboards, but buyers do. You should deep-clean any small “ledge” that collects dust over time, especially baseboards and crown mouldings that otherwise add value to your home. Don’t forget about other oft-overlooked areas like ceiling fans, light switches, and even the door jambs. Removing the dust and caked-on grit that’s accumulated over the years will give your house a newer, brighter appearance and even make it smell fresher.
  2. Kitchen Cabinets
    Maybe you occasionally wipe a damp cloth over your kitchen cabinets…that’s not enough. You know that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, so make yours work for you! Scrub each and every cabinet with a microfiber cloth and warm water, starting at the knob. If you need to, take a toothbrush around the base of the knobs and hinges to ensure all residue is removed. Carry the same technique over to the faucet and sink area, and don’t forget about the seams in your countertops! You should clean your bathroom exactly the same way.
  3. Windows and Screens
    Natural light is a seller’s best friend. You’ve probably already thought to give your windows a good wipe-down, but did you clean them both inside and out? If you haven’t started, consider using newspaper rather than paper towels for a streak-free shine. If you’ve got screens on your windows, remove them and clean them thoroughly. The best way to do this is one-by-one using a soft scrub brush; if you can’t get all the grit and grime off consider making the investment in new screens. The cleaner your screens and windows are, the more light your home will get and the more attractive it will become to buyers.

Think your home is clean enough? Ask your Realtor or your most honest friend to do a home sale “audit” and tell you exactly what they see – and smell! – when they walk into your house. Better yet, talk to a staging professional about the specific ways you can present your home in the best light possible.

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