Quick Ways to Boost Your Home's Winter Curb Appeal.jpg

Winter, even in temperate climates, can feel dark, gloomy, and gray! Your house doesn’t have to. If you’re trying to sell your home in wintertime, you may need to put in a little extra work to boost its curb appeal. Don’t worry! It won’t take all weekend. Here are some quick tips for boosting your home’s invitingness when winter’s at its worst.

Clean it Up
First things first: Your yard needs to be clean even if it’s not green! Spend some time picking up rogue sticks, raking up leaves, and even pressure washing the driveway if you’ve got set-in stains. We don’t advise doing it yourself because it can be dangerous, but paying a gutter cleaning company to clear out your gutters is a must!

Potted Plants
Plants that bloom in winter can add much-needed color to an otherwise dead landscape. Varieties to consider include camellias, winter hazel, and even holly or boxwoods. Be sure to keep the plants trimmed and watered regularly, and if they turn brown, invest in some new ones!

Replace the Numbers
You’d be shocked what a big difference it can make to replace your house numbers with something more…modern! Winter is a great time to do it, and you should select numbers whose color matches your existing trim. We’re particularly fond of art deco-style numbers on craftsman style homes as well as spelled-out numbers on traditional properties.

Paint Your Door Red
Did you know that houses with red doors tend to sell faster? Red front doors have different meanings in different cultures but they always feel warm and inviting. As long as red doesn’t clash with the other colors on your home, find a shade that fits and spend a couple of hours priming and painting your entry.

Add Lighting
Thanks to daylight savings time, your showings are more likely to be scheduled after sunset in wintertime. If your exterior isn’t lit properly it can feel uninviting or worse, unsafe. Upgrade your front porch lights to something brighter and consider bringing in a pro to install walkway lighting or uplighting if your home is particularly stately. It can make a real difference!

It’s particularly important to stage your home during winter! Homes actually tend to sell for more money in wintertime thanks to decreased inventory, but being worthy of an offer takes a little more effort on the seller’s part.

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