This is a guest post by our friend Stacey at

Staging your home to sell is stressful, but it can also be fun! Wall decor can sometimes be daunting in a new space, but when staging, you have an opportunity to try new decor, new colors, and new ideas before moving to your new home – all with no permanent commitment!

There are many ways to stage your home for selling, but wall decor offers some of the easiest, most affordable, and visually appealing options.

  1. New paint colors. Painting can be a pain, but a new paint color can really brighten up and change around a space! Plus, when staging a home, you get to test new colors without commitment. Want to jump on the “greige” bandwagon? Try it out! Think the kitchen would look brighter with light yellow paint, but you normally dislike yellow? Go for it! As long as the colors stay neutral (no hot pink zebra stripes!) and make the space more appealing, they can definitely help with staging your home to sell. Plus, painting can be fun if you make it a party. Invite some friends over, order pizza, listen to music, and get ready to sell your home!


2. New art. You don’t have to turn your house into The Louvre to stage it well, but some tasteful, interesting art can really help potential home buyers see themselves (and their art!) in your home. One great way to incorporate new art is with canvas prints. These are high-quality, affordable and – maybe most importantly – customizable prints on canvas that are easy to hang and don’t even require frames! You could personalize these prints in many ways, such children’s characters or drawings in a kids’ room, a beautiful landscape of a local landmark in the living room, or a great still life or modern art print in the kitchen. Plus, canvas is easy to use for staging because it’s customizable in size as well, making those large spaces seem less overwhelming.


3. Mirrors. Since you don’t want to add anything permanent to a house you’re trying to sell, one of the best ways to make a house appealing is with mirrors. A small room becomes instantly brighter and seems larger with a mirror, and a large room can be broken down into more manageable viewing areas with some art and mirrors to define its walls. Bonus: mirrors can be easy to move, but many are cheap enough that they can stay in the home! Just make sure to clean them well before any showings!


Decorating a home to sell can be fun, and wall decor is a great way to show your personality while still appealing to a broad range of potential home buyers. Some of the newest trends – like stamping, adding texture, and adding fake headboards or accent walls – may not be for you because they are more permanent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! With new paint, canvas art, and mirrors, you can make a great home staging affordable, simple, and beautiful!