Energy Efficient Fixtures and Appliances – In keeping with Green movement, buyers are looking for fixtures that are energy efficient and which offer options. For example, upgraded lighting and layered lighting plans within a given space are very important because they offer a wide variety of lighting options which can be tailored to fit a specific task. Instead of flipping on over head lights, having the option to go with softer and more energy efficient task lighting is very appealing to buyers. Additionally, low flow toilets is a huge selling point as toilets use 27% of the household water and leaking toilets can waste up to 300 gallons of water a day. In the kitchen and laundry room, appliances are just as important as they are items which are used every day and account for a huge chunk of a home’s energy and water costs. Again, its all about conservation and if your home showcases an efficient use of space, materials, energy and water, buyers will mentally justify the property’s asking price.