The number one barrier to staging?

At least, that’s how most homeowners see it. There’s a common misconception about staging that it’s prohibitively expensive, costing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to do correctly. What many people don’t know? There are several levels to the staging process and it’s entirely possible to stage a home on a budget. Here’s how.

Talk to a Professional Stager
Before you decide staging is too expensive, talk to a local staging company. Ask for specifics on how quickly staged homes sell in your market and find out how much they charge to fully stage a home. Every stager charges differently: some do it per hour, some by the square foot, and some a “package” charge. Great stagers actually offer staging consultations that are ideal for homeowners on a budget.

Secure a Staging Consultation
What is a professional staging consultation? It’s a cost-effective way to get professional help with staging, minus all the rental furniture, painting crews, and per-square foot cost. Staging consultations come in all shapes and sizes; Creative Home Stagers provides Home Staging Consultations that include a thorough home review followed by an extensive recommendation list on to-do items for a perfectly staged home, all for a flat-fee. You can decide to have us stage the property for a set cost or you can check off the items yourself based on our feedback. It’s professional assistance without the pressure.

Clean the Clutter
If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times, but the best thing you can do to stage your property for sale isn’t to add new furniture or replace the wallpaper, it’s clean the clutter! Spend a weekend removing half the “stuff” from every room, from pictures to tchotchkes to furniture. It won’t cost you a penny to declutter if you do it yourself and you might even make money if you decide to sell some of your unused stuff!

Paint, Paint, Paint
If you’ve got a ladder and a dropcloth, you’re ready to “stage.” A fresh coat of paint all over your house in a neutral, appealing shade will do wonders for the appearance of your home. You’ll be shocked how much cleaner and newer your home feels when it’s freshly painted, and just the smell of fresh paint can subtly indicate to buyers that you’re taking care of the home. Don’t want to do the work yourself? If you only spend money on one thing, spend it on painters to update the feel of your property.

Professional staging is always less expensive than your first price reduction…spending a little now could save you thousands in lost time down the road. Looking for more tips on staging your home on a budget? Creative Home Stagers is your budget staging specialist in Charlotte and we’re ready to help!