4 Hot Weather Curb Appeal Ideas.jpg

It’s hard to keep your house looking its best during summer! Sellers tell us all the time they’re stumped when it comes to creating a welcoming summertime exterior.

No buyer wants to pull up to a dead yard and a droopy, sun-scarred exterior. Here are four suggestions from your trusted home staging team for adding curb appeal during hot weather.

  1. Potted Succulents
    Succulent plants are having a moment! Not only are they beautiful, they’re incredibly heat-resistant. They don’t require much water at all and they grow slowly so they don’t need a ton of maintenance to look their best. Succulents come in a wide range of muted, appealing colors and in varying heights. These plants are particularly “Pinterest-worthy” and especially valued by Millennial buyers!
  2. Fresh Paint
    The sun can really take a beating on your paint. Cracked, peeling paint is never a good sign to buyers; it makes them wonder what other maintenance issues you’re putting off. Summer is actually a pretty good time to repaint the exterior of your house, but expect painters to come early and leave early in order to beat the heat! Be sure they use a top-coat that’s heat-resistant so your investment will last for years.
  3. Bright Front Door
    One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in exterior design is a move towards bolder colors. One way to incorporate this trend without it being off-putting is to paint your front door a bright, welcoming color. Make sure the color you choose is complimentary to the rest of your house (i.e. a blue house loves a red door!) and use paint that is scrubbable so you can easily remove scuff marks. Summer is an ideal time to roll out this quick-fix because the paint dries fast and the long daylight hours make the color visible for nearly any showing you might have scheduled!
  4. Lighting
    The daylight may last longer during hot weather months but there’s actually a decent amount of low-light in summertime, particularly in the mornings and evenings. This kind of light really makes outdoor lighting pop, from in-ground path lighting to up lighting for large trees. A few hundred dollars spent on outdoor lighting can draw the eye to the entry of your home and convey a decidedly upscale appearance.


Do you need help creating an inviting entry for potential buyers? Creative Home Stagers is happy to provide consultation or full staging services to get your home sold fast. It’s a hot market, but not as hot as the weather!