The Autumn season has fallen upon the Carolina states. As the neighborhoods begin to change color, frost blankets the lawns, and the moon shines earlier, it is time to prepare your staged home for the season. Autumn Decor for staging your home is essential. Autumn is the season of harvesting and embracing others, so having decor reflective of that season is essential to grasp that warm ambiance and captivate potential sellers as they tour your home.

Grab Fresh Paint

Before you stage your home, it is always best to embrace a fresh coat of paint. Choose neutral colors that are darker in shade and exhibit a warm atmosphere, like cream or caramel. They will blend to any pattern or style you prefer.

Embrace Fall Colors

  • Orange
  • Gold/Yellow
  • Red

The primary colors associated with the autumn season and are central in your decor. When placing these colors in your home, ensure that you are consistent with the shade of these colors. Bright shades of these colors are not fall related and will distract potential buyers as they view the home. These fall colors pair well to freshly painted walls.

Keep A Running Theme

Do you have a theme throughout your home? Does the layout, appliances, and standard furniture consist of modern or rustic themes? Maybe you are contemporary or traditional? No matter what your style is, keep it consistent throughout the home. Attempting to design your modern home with farm style furniture and decorations will cause conflicts in your stage presence and focus attention away from the home perks.

However, if you have a home that is charmingly dated, embrace this rustic character when applying autumn decor. After all, the purpose behind this decor is to accent and highlight your home features. Any theme or decor that diminishes a single feature should not be used in your home.

Let Your Light Shine And Keep It Comfortable

During this time of year, homes do not receive as much natural sunlight as others. Lamps and lighting are essential for staging and should be reflective of not only bright lights, but also consistent with the theme of your home. To continue your goal of a warm atmosphere, accent your sofas and beds with solid color throws and blankets. Lights and throws amplify welcome and warmth in homes, only enhancing a buyers view of the home.

Curb Appeal

While decorating the interior of your home for the staging, do not abandon the lawn. When potential buyers drive in for the first time, they will have a first impression based on the outside of your home.

  • Highlight any foliage in bloom for the season.
  • Keep the lawn maintained from fallen leaves.
  • Check those gutters.

If your lawn has trees or bushes in bloom, ensure that they are healthy and maintained. Also, accent the front porch or walkway with several blooming autumn flowers, such as mums.

Although falling leaves are beautiful in this season, it is essential to have them maintained and the lawn tidy before potential buyers view the home. Fallen leaves can make a lawn appear smaller, hide paved walkways, and have buyers question the upkeep of the home. While maintaining the lawn, make sure that the gutters are also maintained and leaves are not trapped. Potential buyers will be monitoring this action because of the extensive damage that can be caused by clogged gutters.

Creative Home Stagers Works For You!

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