In the same way every real estate agent isn’t a “REALTOR,” every stager isn’t an “Accredited Staging Professional.” Abbreviated as ASP, Accredited Staging Professionals are in a category of their own, and you should always choose to work with one where possible.

Here’s why.

What is an Accredited Staging Professional?

The ASP Training Course is the premier training on home staging for the real estate industry. Since 1999, the course has taught thousands of stagers the foundational principles of design and placement. The official ASP training program was developed by master stager Barb Schwartz, the CEO of Consisting of a number of in-class and/or online hours, the course teaches techniques for listing differentiators, guidelines on staging itself, and data on the benefits of properly staging properties.

Why Should You Work with an ASP?

The statistics don’t lie. The benefits of working with an ASP-licensed stager are reflected in the data collected by the National Association of REALTORS, and include the following:

  • 95% of ASP-staged home sell in 11 days or less
  • ASP-staged homes sell for an average of 17% more than non-staged properties
  • Over 49% of REALTORS report that they’ve personally seen buyers affected by staging
  • A third of buyers agents say their clients generally offer 1-5% more for staged homes
  • 81% of REALTORS say staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home
  • 34% of seller’s agents say they stage each and every home they put on the market


Who Works with Accredited Staging Professionals?

Staging is usually dependent upon who will be listing and living in the home. Although some sellers contact staging professionals directly, most ASPs work with developers and builders on model home staging, directly with REALTORS to stage upcoming properties, and with owners or investors in possession of vacant properties.

Creative Model Designs is Charlotte’s premiere home staging company. Helmed by Carol Smith, an Accredited Staging Professional, Creative Model Designs works with developers and builders all over the greater Charlotte area to sell homes quickly and efficiently.

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