AfterIt’s a common misconception that home staging and interior decorating are one in the same. Because of this misunderstanding, many sellers often push the idea of staging their home aside as they think, “why would I want to redecorate a house I’m not going to live in?”

Well, we agree! Why would you want to decorate a home you’re no longer going to be living in? However, we are on board with making minor updates throughout your house that will allow it to sell faster and for more money (and we bet you’d be on board for that too!).

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Learn the differences between home staging and interior decorating so you don’t make the horrific decision to bypass home staging due to lack of understanding.

Difference #1: Neutral vs Personal Tones

Home staging depersonalizes your home and aims to give it a neutral feel, allowing it to appeal to all buyers. Interior decorating, on the other hand, brings the home owner’s vision to life while incorporating their own personal items.

So a home stager, for example, would paint the walls a neutral color such as gray or cream, and would place a neutral pieces of artwork throughout the home. An interior decorator would incorporate your family photos and other personal memorabilia throughout their room designs.

Difference #2: Decluttering vs Accessorizing

Another difference between home staging and interior decorating is how a room is used and what is brought into the room.

AfterA home stager will remove all items from a room that are either not serving a purpose or make the space seem cluttered and small. An interior decorator will discuss what your needs are for the space and will then bring in items accordingly. They are not necessarily “cluttering” the space, but they don’t need to place such an emphasis on making the space seem larger either.

In home staging, you want the rooms to be as open and clean as possible, as to not distract from the home’s features and floor plan, but interior decorating is done while keeping the family using the space in mind. For instance, interior decorating will bring in furnishings and accessories and will use a room’s full potential.

Difference #3: Modern vs Custom Design

The last point we’ll touch on is that home staging aims for more modern design, while interior decorating offers custom design to meet the needs of your family.

So while an interior decorator will use beautiful wallpapers, bold colors, unique furnishings, and other elements to create a distinctive style, a home stager’s goal is to make the space as bright, inviting and calm as possible.

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