As 2020 begins to draw to a close, it’s time to think about the key interior trends that have taken hold this year. From sustainable, natural designs, to retro-throwbacks, this article will outline the biggest trends that have hit 2020.

Soothing shades

Tranquil Dawn was Dulux’s 2020 Colour of the Year – and it is clear to see why. This calming pastel green is tinged with hints of grey and blue, offering a warm and calming effect to a room. Considering the uncertain and difficult times we have had to face in 2020, it’s clear that people out there are taking a conscious effort to create a tranquil sanctuary within their homes.

Corduroy furniture

This year has seen a rise in some 70s trends, including the reintroduction of corduroy! Yes, you heard correct – the tufted cord fabric has made a comeback, and you can see why. The fabric is versatile, durable, and adds a wonderful retro feel to any home. Lot’s of different companies have been jumping on this bandwagon, bringing out armchairs, couches, and foot stools covered in this groovy fabric. If 2019 was the year of velvet – then 2020 is the year of the corduroy.

Terrazzo flooring

Created using chipped marble, crushed glass, and segments of granite, this floor has made a resurgence this year. First seen 100 years ago in the 1920s, this flooring combines a natural aspect alongside an Art Deco flair. It uses environmentally friendly material and is incredibly versatile, meaning it can be incorporated in a variety of ways within the home. Aggregates such as marble, pearl, abalone shell, or even specks of gold can be used to create this visually appealing floor.


In the last two years, people in the U.S are beginning to make a more conscious effort in the way in which they live. The move to a more sustainable lifestyle has led to a new trend – biophilia. This is a movement which has seen home dwellers fill their space with plants of all kinds – from trailers and climbers, to bloomers and hangers. Incorporating elements of nature into the built environment is a great way to add a calming and creative feel to a room. From macrame flower pot holders, to vertical hangings and flowers walls – this is definitely a trend that is here to stay.

Botanical prints

Traditionally, florals and paisley prints are seen as an outdated part of interior design. However, this year, we have seen a rise in intricate botanical and floral designs. This is partly down to trends shifting towards sustainable living and a focus on nature. Accentuated with earthy tones and natural furnishings – these patterns and prints add a tranquil feel to any room – and marry extremely well with the biophilia trend.

Wall hangings

Boho-style wall hangings were a massive hit this year. Handwoven hangings, adorned with tassels, crochet and beading are a great way to add character and personality to your walls. The hangings work especially well if you have ceilings, or a large white wall, in which you want to add character to. Flooding our Pinterest and Instagram feeds – these wall hangings have cemented themselves on everyone’s walls!

Rattan and wicker furniture

This has taken the interior world by storm this year – from lamp shades and flower pots to coffee tables and chairs – this natural look has firmly risen in 2020. Traditionally seen in the exterior of houses, this is another example of how nature is being incorporated into the home. This type of furniture offers a warmth and charm to create a boho, chic element to your room. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, this furniture is beautifully universal and can be found in almost all home improvement stores.