popular fall interior trends


Textures Dominate

Manufacturers are using texture to bring interest to furnishings in a number of ways. As a result, they’re turning standard furniture styles into works of art.


Designers are using unexpected geometric shapes in wood and stone in table bases. While elaborate hardware can attract attention to cabinet doors, the new trend is toward using inlays and overlays to make a piece unique. 


Elaborate inlaid wood designs draw attention to the beauty of the wood. Other designers use raised overlays in geometric patterns to create depth and texture on solid wood surfaces.


Surprising Materials

Designers are using some surprising materials and unusual material combinations. The most surprising material must be the crushed coco twigs that grace the doors of a night table. But, they’re also using cast stone for unique headboards. Designers are wrapping furniture in rattan and using caning for table tops and chair backs.


Material combinations are obvious in an armoire that has a wood frame, white lacquer doors with an intricate raised gold and rattan design. It also boasts gold metal legs in a unique pattern.


Gold, brass, and bronze metals are still popular, but this fall even more manufacturers are using them as accents. Metals make an appearance in chandeliers, sconces, and other lighting pieces. An upholstered bed and headboard may include metal accents at the corners to add a bit of sparkle.


Straight Lines Give Way to Curves

There is still an emphasis on clean lines to avoid the feeling of clutter. However, in many furniture pieces, curves are the latest shape.


Couches have curves in the arm rests, tables are using round and oval for tabletops paired with clean geometric lines in the table legs. Even pieces like a chest of drawers have rounded edges rather than square.


Round-backed chairs are very popular. Large overstuffed chairs with big rolled arms aren’t as popular, because they make it more difficult to keep family and friends together. A streamlined round-back chair leaves room for many more people to sit together.


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