There’s no denying the sense of pride you felt when you first listed your home. It may be your most coveted possession and one you’ve worked hard at maintaining. However, when it’s not snatched up after months, it’s easy to become discontented. You may have piqued the interest of several potential buyers, had countless showings, but the offers just simply stalled. If your home doesn’t require major repairs, you may simply need to reevaluate your staging. The National Association of Realtors confirms that effective staging can diminish the time your home is on the market. Here’s why you could be in stall mode.

Inadequate Lighting

Did you know that you can create an inviting, warm, lived-in ambiance with the proper lighting with staging? If your home is not welcoming, buyers may not be able to envision living there. You can also improve your curbside appeal with adequate outdoor lighting. Opt for a well-lit pathway that leads to your front door. You can also position accent lighting on your most attractive garden features.

Your rooms may also be too dark to accentuate its best features. Ensure that you open all the blinds or curtains for ample natural light to stream in. Also remove draped tassels which could block natural light. Try using multiple light sources for added texture and depth in your rooms.

Don’t forget to add overhead lighting as well as lampshades for additional coziness. You can also create contrasts by combining light shaded walls with darker lampshades. Or add lighting in unusual spaces, like placing a table lamp on your kitchen counter.

Clutter Overload

Treasure troves and personal items on display such as decorative keepsakes, framed photographs, half-empty hair product containers and toothpaste holders appear as clutter to potential buyers. Clutter distracts buyers from the actual living space and may make your rooms appear tinier.

De-personalize your living areas by removing all framed photographs, and pack your clothing where it cannot be seen. Remove all personal items from your kitchen and bathroom counters too. Your objective is to create a blank canvas so your buyers can envision themselves living there. If you have a study, be sure to de-clutter that too.

Excessive Neutrality, Chipping Paint, and Odors

Opting for neutral hues of paint and furniture is imperative for creating an airy ambiance. However, too much neutrality can render your home dull. In fact, a splash of color could be necessary to make your spaces appear livable.

If your living-room walls are painted in a neutral color, add a splash of vibrant color to an accent wall to lend some personality. If you have neutral-colored furniture, introduce some color with cushions, throws, or mats.

Nothing quite beats the smell of fresh paint for a buyer. Even if your walls are painted neutral and it’s chipped and old, you should still repaint it. Be sure to also eradicate odors with a deep clean, some fresh flowers, or by installing some scented plug-ins in your living areas.

Incorporating these changes may be subtle, but can surely boost your home’s sale appeal.