The Charlotte home market is offering some stiff competition this year. You may be asking yourself what you can do to help make your home stand out among all the other homes that are currently on the market. The short answer is staging. Staging helps to create a vision for potential home buyers that helps them see themselves living in your home.

Why Stage Your Home’s Exterior?

The interior of your home often gets the most attention when you’ve decided to put your house on the market. It does make sense that the way that the inside of your home looks will have a significant influence on your home selling. However, you shouldn’t neglect to stage your home’s exterior as it will help improve your home’s curb appeal.


Professional Tips on Staging your Exterior

  • Deep clean the area. It can be a good idea to have your cement, screens, windows, fencing, decking, outdoor furniture, and other parts of your home deep cleaned. Remove any grime and dirt that may have built up since the last cleaning.
  • Improve or add exterior lighting. Your lighting can make a difference in how your home looks at night. You may want to add light along the walkway or improve the lighting fixtures around the front door.
  • Remove any clutter that makes your exterior look messy. Clean up your landscaping and remove any items that can look like junk to a passerby. Your front yard should attract buyers rather than make them pass by looking for the next home for sale.
  • Add a pop of color without breaking the bank. There are many annuals available that can give you a pleasant amount of color in front of your home that are relatively inexpensive. They offer a nice feature that helps your home stand out without having to upgrade your landscaping efforts.
  • Stage your home for a party or other entertainment arrangements. Make your deck look as though you’re in the middle of entertaining guests to help give buyers an idea of how they can utilize the space for their friends and family. 

Staging Help Makes A Difference

It can sometimes be challenging to look at your home with a critical and unbiased eye. You see all of the things that initially attracted you to buy your home or may overlook some flaws in the exterior staging because you’re focused on what has caused you to want to sell your home. Bringing in the help of a professional stager can often be the right choice to make because they are unbiased and understand what staging trends will help to accent your home in the right way for home buyers.

Looking to find the perfect way to stage your home’s exterior this summer? Our professional staff at Creative Home Stagers are ready to assist you in helping your home get the curb appeal you need to attract buyers and get their attention. Contact us today to learn more about how we’d stage your home to sell. There is a real art to knowing what touches will help your home connect with the buyer, so take advantage of our expertise today.