Homeowners gained a new appreciation for outdoor living spaces when the Covid-19 pandemic forced their favorite eateries, bars, and restaurants to shut down. The pandemic is still influencing people’s investment decisions on multifunctional outdoor living spaces, according to 87% of experts.

The following list is based on feedback from real estate professionals surveyed for Fixr.com’s 2021 and 2022 Outdoor Living Trends report. Information was also gathered from new home construction experts who shared the top trends in outdoor lighting.

Outdoor living spaces help expand the total living area of your home. They are now being used for cooking, dining, and entertainment on a scale that hasn’t been seen before. If you live in a warm to moderate climate, don’t overlook this selling feature that can be used any time of the year.

1. Outdoor Dining – A Must-Have in Any Outdoor Living Space

According to 62% of real estate experts, outdoor dining is a top priority for home buyers. A good, sturdy table and comfortable chairs can be used for much more than just eating.

Help potential home buyers envision themselves working or studying in this space. It can also be used to meet with and entertain family and friends.

2. Outdoor Kitchens – Go Hand-in-Hand With Dining Areas

It should come as no surprise that outdoor kitchens continue to rank high as desirable features. Who wants to be stuck cooking indoors when everyone else is outside having fun?

Outdoor kitchens were the top priority in 2021 and came in second place in 2022. The cost varies widely depending on the layout and design, plus the additional features you may or may not have, like a pergola or cover.

The essential elements of an outdoor kitchen include a built-in or freestanding grill, a sink, a refrigerator, tile or stone countertops, and stock cabinets against the house. Pizza ovens are the latest trend, quickly rising in popularity.  On the low end, a 100 sq ft kitchen will cost about $4,500.

If you’re looking for luxury, a 500 sq ft kitchen with two sinks, a refrigerator, a separate seating area, and a high-end grill will set you back by $45,000.

3. Fire Pits and Outdoor Seating

A fire pit is a great, less expensive alternative to an outdoor fireplace, which is a permanent structure that can’t be moved. A fire pit is mobile, it makes a wonderful focal point in your outdoor living space and provides a heat source – making it a perfect option for year-round use.

Comfortable outdoor seating furniture goes hand-in-hand with creating a functional conversation area surrounding the fire pit. Consider a small sofa or loveseat and two or three armchairs. Most real estate experts (69%) consider outdoor seating furniture as a must-have element in your outdoor living space.

4. Landscape and Patio Lighting Trends

LED lighting is the preferred option for outdoor lighting, according to new home construction experts. LEDs use less energy and are longer lasting than traditional incandescent lighting. Illuminated pathways with lights installed along the edge of walkways are the most popular option.

Outdoor wall lights that highlight architectural features add a sense of safety and security by illuminating dark areas around the property. Strategic placement of security lights with built-in motion sensors provides additional peace of mind. With Wi-Fi-enabled mobile apps, you can control accent and security lighting when you’re away from home.

Give Buyers a Lasting Impression of Your Listing

Show potential buyers of your home how to personalize the outdoor living space with color-changing lights. Enhance a festive ambiance with holiday-themed color schemes, school or sports team colors, new brand or company colors, or a seasonal color scheme.

String lights add an elegant touch to covered patios, pergolas, or wrapped around shrubs and trees. Globe-shaped and lantern-style lights look sophisticated and welcoming when hanging overhead and complement practically any architectural style.

Final Thoughts

From climate change to global pandemics, the world is full of uncertainties today. By staying up to date on outdoor living trends, your property will appeal to many potential home buyers looking to create a personal oasis.

However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to plan an outdoor living upgrade. If you need help designing your outdoor living space, contact Creative Home Stagers today to request a quote for our services.