As the world of interior design evolves, it’s natural for certain trends to lose their luster and make way for fresh, innovative ideas. While these once-popular styles may have graced the pages of home decor magazines and Instagram feeds in the not-so-distant past, it is now time to bid them adieu.

1. Neon Signs

Once a popular choice for adding a bold and vibrant touch to interiors, neon signs have started to fizzle out in recent design trends. These brightly lit statements, while eye-catching, have become associated with overuse and lack of subtlety in design. As we embrace a more refined and timeless approach to interior styling, neon signs are being replaced by sleeker, more understated lighting options. 

2. Black Interiors

We used to praise them for their edgy and dramatic appeal, but black interiors are now taking a backseat as designers opt for lighter and more versatile color palettes. The striking nature of black interiors, while undeniably bold, often proved challenging to work with and could make spaces feel oppressive or uninviting. As the design world moves towards a more balanced and welcoming atmosphere, we are seeing a resurgence of softer hues and earthy tones that offer both sophistication and warmth.

3. All-White Spaces

They were once the epitome of clean and minimalist design, but are gradually losing their appeal as designers and homeowners seek more depth and personality in their interiors. While the crisp, monochromatic look of an all-white space can create an illusion of airiness and openness, it often lacks character and can feel sterile or cold. The design world is now gravitating towards more nuanced and layered approaches, incorporating subtle color variations, textures, and patterns to add visual interest and move away from the starkness of all-white spaces.

4. Cottagecore

The charming and nostalgic cottagecore aesthetic, once beloved for its idyllic and cozy appeal, is experiencing a decline in popularity as designers seek more contemporary and eclectic styles. Cottagecore’s emphasis on floral patterns, pastel colors, and vintage-inspired decor has made way for a more curated and authentic approach to interior design. One emerging trend is the incorporation of antique tramp art furniture, which adds a unique and rustic touch while maintaining the warmth and comfort of the cottagecore vibe.

5. Granny-chic / Grandmillennial

Granny-chic had its moment in the spotlight, blending nostalgic elements with contemporary design. However, as trends evolve, this particular approach will see a decline in popularity in 2023. Although celebrating the charm of vintage-inspired decor, granny-chic — or Grandmillennial style — often leaned too heavily on kitschy and overly-stylized elements, resulting in spaces that felt cluttered and dated. The design world is now shifting towards more curated and streamlined interiors, combining the best of vintage charm with modern sensibilities.

Time to Update Your Interior

As we bid farewell to these outdated trends, it’s the perfect opportunity to update your interior and embrace the latest design styles. For fresh inspiration on what is popping this year, be sure to check out our 2023 design trends post and contact us to help transform your space into a reflection of today’s most sought-after aesthetics.