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No one wants their home to linger on the market. Once you list, you want to sell and sell quickly! In hot “seller’s markets” you might be under the misconception that every home gets multiple offers right away. Not so. Even sellers in fast-paced markets need to position their homes to receive top-dollar before listing for the first time. Once your house is stale, it stays that way.

What can homeowners do to help their homes sell faster? Here are three services to consider if you’re about to go to market or have found yourself with a listed home growing staler by the minute…

1. Professional Staging

Professional staging isn’t just a gimmick…it’s statistically proven to sell homes faster and for more money. In fact, homes that are staged by an Accredited Staging Professional, a pro trained in the placement and logistics of home staging, sell in an aver

age of 11 days. Even the Real Estate Staging Association reports that staged homes, on average, sell six months faster than their un-staged counterparts.

  1. Pressure Washing

That’s right, pressure washing! You may not see it, but the outside of your home probably looks too “lived in.” Hiring someone to pressure wash your driveway, your deck, and even the outside of your house (as long as you don’t have loose paint!) can really add to the curb appeal of your home. Buyers make a lot of instant judgements about your home the second they drive up, and once a first impression disappoints them in some way it’s hard to recover no matter what the inside looks like. The best part? Pressure washing usually only costs a couple hundred bucks!

  1. Social Media Expert

Your social media liaison and Realtor may be one in the same, but your home should be marketed on social media. Don’t really know how to use Facebook, Instagram, or a custom-built website to help market your home? Plenty of people do, and they can get your property seen by thousands of new potential buyers with just one click of a button. Before you post, remember that professional photos are a must. It’s also a good idea to set up a dedicated email address or “Contact Us” button that sends leads directly to your Realtor.

Want to sell your home fast? Who doesn’t! Putting all the pieces in place before you list your home is the best way to ensure you get offers quickly and from motivated buyers. Talk to your Realtor about your timeline goals and whether or not they have a preferred stager in Charlotte. They’re always your best resource for home selling advice!