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Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. Psychologists have spent decades studying the effects of nostalgic memories on people’s emotions and behaviors. The idea of nostalgia is bittersweet; true nostalgia focuses on universal memories shared with friends and family members, often at home.

That’s why it’s smart to consider the effects of nostalgia on Baby Boomer home buyers! Boomers are increasingly buying “last” homes that are meant to be comfortable and suitable for entertaining. Here’s how to appeal to Boomers’ sense of nostalgia when selling your home.

Use Music to Take Buyers Back

You might be surprised (or not!) to know that researchers believe music is one of the most powerful nostalgia-inducing factors. Music has been shown to make people feel not only nostalgic but warmer about their surroundings; great news for a home that might otherwise read sterile! Consider a stereo system very lightly playing an age-appropriate Pandora station during showings for the full effect.

Create Shared Family Spaces

For many Baby Boomers, nostalgic memories often include family. Creating spaces in your home that appeal to family togetherness can be a smart way to make your buyers feel at home. A breakfast room table set with just enough plates, a backyard tree swing perfect for the grandkids, or a media room with plenty of space for group movie watching can all be ways to remind buyers of time spent with loved ones in the past.

Nostalgic Buyers Love Character

You don’t have to own an old home to have “character.” Whether your house is brand new or was built in the 40s, do your best to enhance the things about it that make it special. Paint or add moldings around windows, consider putting built-in cabinetry where it makes sense, or go ahead and add that stained-glass transom window! Older homes were built with more distinctive features than new ones today, so many Boomers have fond memories of living in houses like these. Appeal to their search for character without looking dated.


Baby Boomers are a sentimental bunch. The Boomer buyer contingent constitutes one of the biggest collectives of buyers in history. Do you need help positioning your home to appeal to this group?

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