This year has been a strange one for everyone across the world – with many countries going into lockdown, people have had to spend more time than ever at home. One thing 2020 has taught us is that interiors can have a huge effect on our wellbeing. With this year being a trend filled with sustainable fashion and natural accents – this will only be more exaggerated in 2021.

This article outlines what will be the hottest interior trends of 2021.

Textured walls

We are already seeing a huge trend towards textured wall finishes right now – and this is only going to get bigger. These wall treatments exude a natural, earthy warmth that celebrate imperfection, and pair beautifully with other textural materials, such as raw timber and linen. More than ever our homes are becoming our sanctuary, and the introduction of these visually appealing features will further add ambience to any room.


Praised for its comforting feel, Cottagecore is all about bringing the outside in. This natural, botanical design incorporates thick throws, slouchy couches, and cozy wall tapestry. This Instagram trend is taking the social world by storm and is definitely here to stay.


The continued softening of interiors with curvy shapes and organic, rounded edges, are another way of embracing the relaxed feel. Minimalist interior was all about sofas, chairs and benches with ruler-straight lines and sleek, simple contours. For 2021 though, those pieces are out in favor of furniture with non-symmetrical shapes and playful curves.

Wall paneling

Traditionally seen as adorning old libraries and grand houses, wall paneling will be making a comeback bigger than ever in 2021. Resurging in a much more chic and modern manner, adding paneling to your walls is a great way to create dimension to your walls.

Dark kitchens

Traditionally, kitchens tend to be white or neutral – creating a clean and open environment. But dark blue, and even black, walls and kitchen cabinets are having something of a movement. These dark tones create a luxe, industrial feel to a kitchen – which is very Pinterest-worthy. Teamed with copper accents and crisp tiling – you can create a modern, luxury feel to your home.


Japanese and Scandinavian style has been popular in interior trends for the last few years – but now home makers are combining the two! The simplicity of Japanese style, mixed alongside the natural, sustainable furnishings that are part of the scandi-style seem to pair well harmoniously.

Herringbone flooring

Flooring layouts will be a big trend next year! Parquet flooring is one of the most aristocratic and expensive flooring options and people are beginning to bring it into their homes, but with a trendy flair! The herringbone feature is a classic design that creates a wonderfully opulent look in your home – and can fit in with almost any interior trend.

Dried flowers

This year we have seen a rise in dried flowers, and it is very clear this trend is going nowhere soon. Dried flower options just keep growing – from wispy pampas grasses and lovely bunny tails to colorful thistles and lavender. The reason they have taken off so much is because they are a low-maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers. They also add height, textures, colors and an earthy feel to a room – creating a soothing ambience.