Can too much light be a bad thing?

Rarely…but it happens! Natural light is one of the most coveted home features in real estate. It transcends size, layout, and even location in some cases. Light makes a home feel alive.

Is it possible to have too much natural light? Yes, it is! Creative Home Stagers has worked on quite a few properties that simply have too much light to go around. Here’s how it happens and what you can do about it.


Too much natural light…can wash out a room.

One of the best things about light is that it can open up a space, making rooms look bigger than they actually are. When a room is incredibly neutral, though, with little to absorb all the light, too much light can actually leave it feeling bland and austere, if not cavernous. The solution is simple: Décor! Painting the walls a subdued color is one way to breathe life into a washed-out room, as is investing in statement furniture pieces. Just remember to consider what the room will look like at night time so you won’t inadvertently decorate overly dark.


Too much natural light…can be blinding.

Rooms with a plethora of windows are beautiful, but they can also be hard to use! Sunrooms in particular get a lot of sun here in the south; that often makes them hot, sticky, and kind of unpleasant. It’s easy to control the amount of light in a room through the use of curtains, plantation shutters, or other window treatments. Be careful not to over-treat windows and block too much light…the idea is to give yourself control over when and how much light you can let in. Sheer shades work wonders for keeping out harsh, bright light but allow in the beautiful glow of daylight.


Too much natural light…can make a space look sterile.

Buyers should always be able to see themselves living in your home. Too much natural light can drain the warmth out of a room, making it feel more like a doctor’s office waiting area than a comfortable, inviting space. Be sure you balance out natural light by introducing homey elements such as upholstered furniture, throw pillows, and a color palette that’s soft on the eyes.


Are you unsure how to work around a house with too much natural light? Don’t stress! Creative Home Stagers have perfected the art of staging homes in Charlotte through decades of experience.

Reach out to our team today to talk about how to turn your abundance of natural light back into a positive. A little staging goes a long way in a market as hot as Charlotte’s!


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