They always matter, of course, but first impressions are never more important than in a seller’s market. When inventory is tight, sellers likely only get one opportunity to introduce their home to the market before buyers move on to the next option. Making sure that first impression is a strong one is absolutely imperative.

For sellers in a seller’s market, great first impressions lead to…

  • More showings
  • Higher open house attendance
  • More bids
  • Higher bids
  • Faster sale

But why are first impressions so much more important in this context than in that of a balanced real estate market?


In a seller’s market, buyers are discerning. Yes, they’re excited to see more inventory pop up but they’re not desperate; this is particularly true in markets where it’s still less expensive to rent than to buy. Buyers in seller’s markets are informed enough to know what they’re up against, and they’ve made their peace with paying top dollar for a home. They’re willing to do it, but only if they find a home they feel is “worth” the money, the hassle, and the bidding war. Your home only gets one chance to make buyers feel a sense of confidence about spending that kind of money.


Sellers in seller’s markets can – and probably should – expect multiple offers. There’s a misconception, though, that “bidding wars” always result in the highest sales price possible. Not so! Without maximizing your home’s first impression, you could be leaving money on the table even if you get above the asking price for your home. When buyers are enthusiastic and motivated by the impression they get from your house, they’re willing to make stronger bids; sometimes that means money, sometimes better conditions. Buyers in a seller’s market quickly become disillusioned so it’s important to recapture their excitement when they see your home.


Remember: Your home’s first impression isn’t necessarily made during the first showing. In fact, over 51% of buyers view the home they ultimately buy on the internet first. That means your photos, not your property, are key to that first impression. How can you make sure your home photos pop online? Stage your home properly to maximize its features, hire a professional photographer who’s experienced in real estate photography, and work with your Realtor on a comprehensive marketing plan that includes photos, details, and maybe even a video tour. Better photos bring in better offers, period.


Are you ready to sell your home in Charlotte’s seller’s market? You have the upper hand! The biggest mistake sellers make in a hot market is becoming complacent; there are still a lot of things you can and should be doing to improve the outcome of your home sale.


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