Construction managers and builders of large communities know that today’s home building industry is still an industry where the customer wants to experience the product before committing to the sale. And although some builders may still think that buyers already know what they’re looking for, the truth is that most buyers need to be convinced that a property will suit their needs.

As a builder seeking to solidify your place in the home building industry, you’ll want to make sure that your model homes and spec homes both establish the right atmosphere for home buyers. To make sure you’re creating a winning experience for homebuyers, consider these reasons why builders should stage both model and spec homes.

Interior Design and Décor Targets Buyers’ Needs and Interests

You’ll have buyers in every age bracket and catering to the general census by staging your model homes and spec homes is a smart move. While the model home may be the buyer’s first stop that gives the buyers an idea of the community’s blueprint, the spec home may be the home that seals the deal. And you’ll want both staged with interior features that appeal to a buyer’s needs and interests.

For example, creating a focal point in a spec home’s living room might include adding custom cabinetry or bookcases on each side of a fireplace. Book lovers may see an opportunity to read by the fire while other buyers may see an opportunity to display their collectibles in the family room. Staging décor that creates the right ambiance further ensures a positive buying/selling experience.

Furniture Placement Enhances Architectural Details, Features, and Floor Plan

Showcasing a first-floor master bedroom to retirees might include staging furniture that’s situated underneath overhead lighting and provides ease of movement within the space. Younger buyers may be attracted to stylish amenities such as barn doors, office nooks, custom kitchens, and LED lighting. Staging a home with furniture that’s placed in the right spaces will help buyers visualize using the space and will further accent the home’s unique details, features, and floor plan.

Buyers Feel More Confident About Their Decision

Home staging allows buyers to see how rooms work together and how they can use the space to fit their family’s needs. When buyers are able to connect to a property through feeling and visualization, they’re more eager to purchase homes. And builders can help increase the buyer’s confidence by hiring home stagers that prepare properties with the best interior design and marketing applications in mind.

Stage Your Spec and Model Homes for Faster Sales

Builders will see better sales results when partnering with home stagers. Indeed, market research shows that vacant homes tend to stay on the market longer and often sell for less. Model homes provide a starting point for your potential buyers and you’ll want the first impression to be the groundwork that lays the foundation for the sale.

At the same time, you’ll need the spec home to represent the potential that’s available to buyers. Staging a spec home and model home with stylish accents and furniture placement can create the right buying mood. And you know that happy buyers lead to more referrals.