Did you know that some home sellers actually rent furniture to stage their home? It’s not as crazy as it sounds! In some cases it actually makes perfect sense to use rental furniture for staging. Temporary furniture is an investment you should consider; here’s why.

Empty Houses Don’t Sell Quickly
Most Realtors will tell you that totally vacant homes take twice as long to sell as homes with furniture. Why? Buyers just aren’t good at visualizing their own things in a house, and the problem only gets worse when there’s no furniture around to help create perspective. Consider renting furniture and hiring a staging company if you have to move fast and take your things with you, like in the event of a relocation.

Sometimes Existing Furniture Won’t Work
Maybe you inherited a house with super-dated furniture, or maybe multiple Realtors have told you that your current furniture is too big for the space. There are plenty of reasons to rent staging furniture, and replacing unfit furniture is one of the best ones. When you rent furniture from a staging expert they will understand the demographic of the clients you are appealing to, and they have the knowledge of the style and appropriate scale of furniture you need as well as the latest design trends that appeal to potential buyers.

Maximize Your Home’s Features
You might love having the entire basement empty for your free weights and workout tapes, but maybe buyers aren’t as interested in a “home gym.” Renting furniture to stage a bonus room, media center, or home office is a fraction of the cost of purchasing it outright. Plus, when your home sells you won’t have to worry about what to do with all the new stuff you’ve just acquired!

Upgrade Your Home’s Style
Does your furniture underrepresent your home? Your home has to be “well-dressed” to ask top-dollar, particularly in a hot market. Upgrading your furniture – even for a short while – can help give buyers the impression you’re aiming for. A nicer area rug, a couch with fewer stains. They can help create the high-end look you need to sell and sell fast.

Should you rent furniture to stage your home? Absolutely! Top stagers have a large inventory of furniture, artwork and accessories you can rent to help showcase your home so it shows better and sells faster for a higher end price.

Questions about renting furniture to stage your home? Creative Home Stagers can help.