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We all know the importance of staging your home for sale in order to provide perspective buyers with a visualization of what the home could look like. Staging creates a vision of the future for a buyer, helping define how a space can be used or allowing them to connect with the home. Here are three reasons why staging is particularly important for new homes:

1. An empty home is a cold home.

Staging a property for sale that is brand new provides a more level playing field with older homes for sale in the same market. These homes come with a comfortable, lived-in feel that provides a sense of calm for a perspective buyer. They can see how the previous owners interpreted the space and how the house became a home for them – where memories were made, where space was interpreted to fit their needs, or where a unique characteristic of the architecture transformed into a standout space.

New homes can’t compete with this naturally. New construction home builders can (and often do) build homes that have all the latest and greatest amenities, but there is an inherent sense of blankness that comes with an empty new home.

Staging can recreate the sense of homeliness in this area by forming stories through visualization. A well-staged new home will invite the buyer into a world where they can, for however long, forget that this is a new home and tell themselves that they can step into the space and make it a warm, welcoming home.

2. Answer the questions before they are asked.

“Where would the table go?” “Would a king size bed fit in this room?” “Can I turn this room into a nursery?”

These are all questions potential buyers may have when looking at a new home, and with a properly staged space, they can be answered right away by the staging and not linger in the back of the buyer’s mind. With an empty house, there is no direction for the buyer to visualize the practicality and everyday function of a room, especially when it comes to furniture and design.

Hiring a professional stager will provide you with someone who can look at a room and decide how it should be arranged in order to give the most information to a buyer – while sometimes answering questions they didn’t even know they had. For instance, if there is a space that is designed as a spare bedroom but could also be used as a child’s playroom, staging as such could give a family with small children a space they didn’t even know was possible, giving your home a leg up in their decision process.

3. Not only a new home, but a stylish one, too. 

When staging a new home, or staging a model home in a new neighborhood, there is the potential to show off the eye for style that your home can welcome. Properly styling a new home can boost its curb appeal and online images to get buyers in the door, showcase furniture for model home merchandising opportunities as a seller, or help booster the reputation of the builder as one that knows what looks good inside a home.

Additionally, styling a new home, especially when it comes to model home staging, can provide interior design ideas to potential buyers, further solidifying their emotional connection to the home. If a buyer walks into a model and sees a style element they love, not only will they emotionally connect with the style, but they will associate that style with that specific space, and with the home in general.

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