With more people spending most of their time at home over the past few months, many have started noticing the various home improvement projects they can create. It may seem like a platform for interior designers and contractors to begin complicating an already complex task in the early stages. However, we have a robust solution for you. We are here to find the perfect balance between your ideas and a functional structure. While the contractor works on the structural elements, the client focuses on look and function. We come in to unify both parties involved by understanding the aesthetic properties of the structure and its functionality.

How Do Contractors Benefit?

Budget deficits, changes in design while the project is in progress, slow decision-making regarding materials, the challenges contractors face are endless. We work on making the contractor’s job more manageable by helping them avoid such challenges.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We take our time to comprehend how contractors work and how we can support the process. We adapt depending on the needs of a builder and the subcontractors they work with by understanding what is of value to their achievement. In no way do we assume the position of an expert. We prefer letting the builders do their work.
  • We are responsible for the different design decisions. This allows the builders to focus on what they do the best, building. We help manage the expectations of a client to ensure that they do not go out of budget. We also make sure that they understand the impacts of their material choices.
  • We transform a clients’ vision into fully detailed specs and drawings to help the people working on the project. We help make sure that our clients stay on schedule by doing the leg work on decisions that help the builder keep things on track. We also provide contractors with the required details in the correct sequence.

By collaborating with contractors, we collectively achieve better results. Any building project has its challenges. We help the client work with the contractor to find a solution to such issues. We turn engineering problems into assets rather than problems that will impact the project. When everyone works together towards a common goal, the result satisfies all parties.

How Do Both Parties Benefit?

We offer a fresh set of eyes guided by objectivity concerning the design concept provided by the architect. As a neutral, we understand the needs of both parties. This puts us in a position to improve the aesthetic and functional elements of the structure to fully reflect a client’s desires and a contractor’s expectations. When professional builders partner with professional stagers, they both make money.

The input a professional stager offers to home builders helps leverage for better pay from clients. On the other hand, the staging company gets paid for their services. We also market the services of home builders helping them earn more clients. Regardless of the project, every party wants to achieve a good end goal. This is easy to accomplish with an informed and educated decision. The builder ends up with a satisfied client while we help the client sell their home fast. Contractors and professional stagers form a natural bond.