You may wonder why you should spend time building and nurturing strategic partnerships when your realty firm is already busy. The time and effort you put into those partnerships can create a competitive advantage and help you sustain your business through the highs and lows of the real estate market.

Creating relationships with like-minded professionals whose services complement your real estate business, helps you build your brand and creates a network of trusted resources as you continue to grow your business.

Focus on Quality

It is best to establish a few high-quality partnerships that you can really focus on and develop. Successful partnerships are shared with individuals and groups that align with your firm’s goals, are committed to high-quality work, and are extremely reliable.

Think about who will provide the best quality before deciding on partnerships, as well as what your firm can provide them. Proactive communication is crucial as is establishing mutual goals and accountability so both parties can achieve the best results when showcasing your listings.

Build Your Real Estate Brand

Building a reputation as a reliable, professional realtor with professional partners can help sell homes and attract new clients no matter what kind of housing market we are in. Some key partnerships that you will want to focus on as a Realtor are professional photographers, video productions, and home stagers.

While some photographers specialize exclusively in real estate photography, you can also utilize the services of a trusted professional photographer to produce high-quality images that showcase the interior and exterior of the home. You will also want to develop a relationship with a professional videographer and a drone specialist to provide footage of the property and neighborhood. These well-curated photo galleries and guided video tours for your listings will help entice buyers and can speed up the sale of the home.

Partnering with a professional home stager brings your listings to life and helps buyers envision the house as their home. Well thought out furniture and décor show buyers how each space can be used and creates an emotional connection to the home. Cultivating a partnership with a professional home staging company helps you build a positive reputation for the style and presentation of your listings that will attract both potential buyers and sellers to your firm.


Establish and Grow Your Partnerships

There are many opportunities to identify potential strategic partners. You can research local chambers and professional networking groups, search online so that you can preview their work, or ask for referrals from other real estate professionals and personal connections. Before you formalize your working relationship, make sure to read reviews of their services, ask for references, and confirm the quality of the services they will be providing.

It’s a good idea to have someone within your firm who is focused on developing and maintaining strategic partnerships. Create a referral network and develop mutually beneficial initiatives so that the growth opportunities for your partners grow along with your business.

Creative Home Stagers partners with Realtors and realty firms to create staging solutions to meet the need of each listing. Contact us today to see how a partnership can help your firm.