As a real estate agent, you have a good feel for what buyers are looking for in a home and what sellers can do to make their dwellings more appealing. However, there is only so much a real estate agent can do to prepare a home for the listing process. More and more real estate firms partner with home staging companies to improve their outcomes.

Here are six reasons top firms are choosing to work with home stagers.

Buyers are Faster to Offer a Bid

When a home is staged to look inviting, buyers can envision themselves living there. Staged homes provide a cohesive style throughout the house that is not too niche for the average buyer. Studies have shown homes are likely to sell faster if a professional designer stages them.

Sellers Feel Good About the Listing Process

When sellers list their homes, they often have a lot of nerves. Every buyer wants to get a good deal and doesn’t want to feel embarrassed by people walking through their home. Plus, sellers waste money and time if their homes sit on the market for very long. So, when a real estate agent or firm partners with a staging company, the seller feels a weight is lifted. Sellers like knowing that their home will look its very best for the listing and showing process.

Homes Typically Sell for Higher Values

On average, homes tend to sell for a higher price when staged. Depending on which expert real estate group study you read, buyers spend upwards of 5-6% more on staged homes. On the flip side, houses that stay on the market longer tend to drop in prices. A home stager can be good for your sellers and your commission checks.

Commissions Come Through Faster

When a home sells quickly, you get a faster payout. There is a real incentive for real estate agents to help sellers make the right changes for quick sales. It’s a massive benefit for a realtor to have their listings sell quickly without much price haggling or negotiations. Staging your homes as an agent is a wise investment since staged homes are likely to spend an average of 73% less time on the market.

Top Realtors Earn More Referrals

Sellers want to make sure their realtor has their best interest in mind. When you go above and beyond with a connection to help stage the home, you will earn admiration from your seller. After the contracts are completed, and the deal is done, you are more likely to get referrals from clients who were happy with their experience.

Your Name Earns Credibility

As you put forth a professional aesthetic in your listings and sell houses quickly, your name as a real estate agent will start to earn a reputation. Having credibility as an agent is another important way to boost your clientele.

If you want to partner with a staging company, we would be happy to help. Creative Home Stagers offers options for vacant homes, occupied homes, and real estate partnerships. Contact us today for a free consultation.