Seller’s markets are great…for sellers! When housing inventory is low, sellers have more control over when, how, and for what price their home sells. A seller’s market isn’t a free-for-all, though, and sellers still have to play it smart. The housing market is a market and it will adjust according to what’s thrown at it!

Creative Home Stagers works with sellers looking to stage in Charlotte. We’ve seen first-hand the success sellers have in a crazy market like ours, but we’ve also seen a few mistakes made along the way by well-intentioned sellers. Here are a few common mistakes sellers make in Charlotte’s seller’s market.

Not Marketing Correctly

When your house goes on the MLS, it’s actually being marketed whether you intend it to be or not. It’s best for sellers to be in control of their home’s marketing so they can set the narrative. How can you do that? By having professional photography, pricing your home correctly, and hiring a Charlotte stager. Staging is absolutely imperative in a seller’s market because buyers are looking for something very specific. When they’re paying top-dollar they’ll respond more to emotional – not numerical – feelings about the house.


Neglecting their Audience

A seller’s market does not mean anyone and everyone will bid on a home. In fact, in hot markets sellers need to be extra careful to set the stage for the specific audience they expect to be interested in their house. High-end seller’s markets tend to have more serious, but smaller, buyer pools than normal markets. Staging is an ideal way to position your home for its audience, from staging the bonus room as a play space (appealing to young families) or creating a cozy master suite (appealing to retirees). Show your audience how they can use your house and they’ll be even more committed to it.


Banking on Bidding Wars

It’s true…here in Charlotte, bidding wars are the new normal. But sellers shouldn’t expect ten offers on day one just by throwing a for sale sign in the front yard! At that rate, even if you were to get multiple offers, you’d probably be leaving money on the table. Why? Because when sellers bring a top-notch product to the market, bids get higher. Buyers, disillusioned by “slim pickins” on the market, are so excited about a really great property when they find one that they’re willing to bid a little (or a lot!) more. In this way, sellers who take the time to stage, market, and showcase their homes properly are bound to get even more return on their home investment.

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