Potential buyers will first experience your home from a distance. Jump in your car and ask yourself if your home is aesthetically pleasing from afar. Can you spot any eyesores? There are innumerable home staging tips for sellers on curb appeal, but from what we’ve seen, our clients tend to underutilize their opportunity to make a first statement impression. We’re here to remedy that for you. Staging your home increases your property value dramatically, because it gets houses off the market faster.

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Without further ado, here are some of the best home staging tips for sellers on beautifying curb appeal!

1. Pounce on Your Quick-Shot Opportunity to WOW

Let’s revisit this notion of observing from a distance. What’s the first thing you notice about your home? What do you want potential buyers to notice first about your home? You’re in a unique position to create the fairytale beginning you want potential buyers to experience. Make an honest assessment of what the best exterior aesthetic feature of your home is and do everything in your power to emphasize your hallmark.

2. Porch Furniture Opens Mental Doors for Buyers

Don’t underestimate tastefully placed outdoor furniture. You’d be surprised what opportunities become available with the simple addition of an attractive table and chair set. Think: chatting breezily with a cup of tea with potential buyers.

(And if you’re going to throw tea in the mix, invest in a beautiful tea set with fancy tea. You know the kind. The more organic looking–petals and leaves in tow– the better.)

Beyond this, strategically placed outdoor furniture helps potential buyers envision their Saturday mornings enjoying the wildlife– or taking an afternoon smoke break. As a home stager, your job is to help your clients move into your home before they’ve decided to.


3. Upgrading Fixtures: When Was the Last Time You Looked at Your Mailbox?

What can you add to the exterior of your home that will send buyers over the top at first glance? The trick is to remember not to over-personalize. Derive inspiration from browsing magazines or home improvement pamphlets and brochures. See what options are available to beautify your space. Although you’ll never be 100% certain your selection will ring true with all your visitors, it’s safe to say if you invest in quality accents, the right people are going to notice.

Remember: if your newly acquired fixtures stand out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of your neighborhood, you may want to choose something that fits in organically. Not many people enjoy sticking out. Conform to the status quo, but make it beautiful. Some augments may include:

  • Blooming flowers (If they’re potted, grab a beautiful planter with a pop of color.)
  • Attractive house numbers
  • Updated mailbox
  • Attractive lighting fixtures (Think: mounted porchlight and walkway illumination.)
  • Decorative fencing
  • Elegant water features
  • Bird feeders or butterfly attractions
  • Out-of-the-box security home systems
    (Who doesn’t want to feel safer? You can use this as a compelling selling point.)

Creative Home Stagers Is Here to Help

As with any home staging component, make sure everything is spotless! (Or, as much as possible.) Dirty windows and debris are the biggest outdoor oversight. If you’re surviving on staging tips to sell your home, we always recommend consulting with a professional for the best results, but you can certainly iron out some of the details before getting professional home stagers involved.

But it’s important to be honest with yourself when assessing your limitations. After all, the alternative is not selling your home.


We’re here to help.