Finding just the right home can be a lengthy process for anyone, and finding or renovating a new space for baby boomers presents unique challenges. Lifestyle and safety needs must be considered when thinking about helping aging parents and in-laws find and move to a new home, and Creative Home Stagers can help you navigate the process by explaining the dos and don’ts of staging a safe and comfortable home for baby boomers.

Always Consider Safety Needs
Baby boomers have more safety needs than other adults, and their physical limitations must be taken into account when planning a living space for late adulthood. Aging baby boomers need to consider adding safety features, such as handrails, ramps, and non-slip or walk-in bathtubs, to their current or future homes. They can also raise electrical outlets to prevent injuries from bending to reach floor-level outlets.

Baby boomers who decide to downsize have additional safety considerations when searching for a new home, such as choosing a ground floor apartment or single-level home and being able to park as close to their door as possible to avoid unnecessarily long walks from parking lots or garages.

Downsize to Save Money
Once baby boomers retire, their income will drop drastically, so it is important to be proactive when considering how to handle housing costs after retirement. Older adults do not need as much space once their children have moved out, which means that it can make sense for them to consider moving to a smaller home well before retirement to help keep housing costs down. Downsizing should be considered by any baby boomers who are unsure if they will be able to continue paying for their current home without difficulty after retirement, which can include moving into a smaller house, an apartment, or living with family members.

In-laws who have extra space can help their baby boomer relatives to manage their housing costs by allowing family members to move in with them. This may involve providing necessary renovations to meet the safety needs of baby boomers, such as installing handrails and rearranging a multilevel home to provide a ground floor living space for an older adult who has difficulty climbing stairs. Privacy is another consideration when deciding how to accommodate in-laws. At minimum, in-laws should have their own bedroom, as well as a private bathroom whenever possible.  

Regardless of where baby boomers decide to move, younger adults should plan to be available to help their relatives move. Baby boomers may not be able to safely move heavy furniture or drive to their new place, so they will often depend on assistance from family members when downsizing.

Don’t Neglect Your Pension
Investing in a pension throughout young and middle adulthood is an important part of continuing to pay for a mortgage or rent and utilities after retirement. Once baby boomers no longer receive regular paychecks, they must rely on savings and investments to avoid worrying about housing costs as senior citizens. However, many people are not investing in their pensions as much as they should be, which can lead to being forced to retire later than they would like or struggling to make regular payments after retirement.  

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