The spring home-selling season is the busiest of the year. Homeowners who’ve waited out the dreary winter months are listing their houses, and buyers who are just beginning to think about new beginnings (and in some cases, school year schedules) are starting to look.

It’s a stressful time to be a seller.

Creative Home Stagers love staging during spring, but we know this time of year in the real estate market can feel overwhelming. Here are our suggestions for keeping stress in check when the listings heat up.

Tip 1: Work with a Qualified Seller’s Agent
The absolute best thing you can do for your own peace of mind when selling your home is to hire a Realtor. Yes, Realtors get paid commission when you sell your home, but they also do a lot of the heavy lifting for you including pricing, marketing, contracting, and even negotiating on your behalf. You pay a little to work with a Realtor but you inevitably get a smoother, more streamlined experience and statistics say your house will sell faster and for more money. That’s worth real, tangible dollars.

Tip 2: Stage Your Home Properly for the Market
It’s easy to understand why sellers in a seller’s market would choose to forego staging or marketing…homes in a hot market sell themselves, right?! Not so fast. In spring, more houses will be on the market than there have been in months which means your house will suddenly have competition. As buyers begin to compare properties and prices, they’ll gravitate to the homes that are move-in ready, magazine-worthy, and priced appropriately. Staging provides one of the best ROIs in the home sale process and lucky for you, you know how to get in touch with the best stagers in Charlotte.

Tip 3: Have Realistic Expectations
What causes the most stress for home sellers are unmet expectations. Be realistic about what you can expect from the process and especially about your home’s market value. Your open house might see 300 people, but it’s just as likely to see 13. (And that’s okay if those are 13 very interested buyers!) You shouldn’t expect buyers to accept your take-it-or-leave-it contract and you also shouldn’t expect offers to come pouring in if you haven’t done what you can to properly present your home. Understand that once your house goes on the market, it’s property, not your home. Do your best to remove your emotions from the equation and you’ll have a better shot of closing your deal unscathed.

We know the home selling process can be daunting, especially in spring. With For Sale signs popping up all over the neighborhood, how can you keep your cool?

First things first: Call Creative Home Stagers today to request a quote. We know the ins and outs of the Charlotte real estate market and we’re happy to talk to you about our process.

Happy selling!