THEWOWSTYLEFrom holiday parties, budget restraints and weather hick-ups, it can be hard to sell your home during the holiday season. However, if you know how to accentuate during the holidays, you can rest assured knowing it will entice the house-hunters who are braving the season.

If your home’s on the market, it’s important to keep in mind the basics of home staging while decorating your home for the holidays. But with that being said, you don’t have to keep the holiday cheer at bay in order to sell your home.

Follow these tips to stage your house to sell during the holidays!

1. Limit the Lights

Hanging Christmas lights on your home can be a great way to help prospective buyers picture themselves in your home. However, don’t pull a Clark Griswald and go out of control!

Use simple string lighting to accentuate your home’s architecture or to draw attention to the large trees in your yard, but keep it limited and steer away from tacky.

2. Keep it Neutral

While you may love your life-sized nativity scene, it’s important to remember that overly religious decorations could be off-putting to some buyers. And decorations you put out should be neutral.

a7d854135e4e78ba946086bc5eedb4543. Trim Your Tree Lightly

A Christmas tree is an excellent way to accent the high ceilings in your living room, but if the base of your tree is too wide, it could always take up too much floor space making the room seem small. In addition, swap the silver tinsel and colorful lights for ornaments that compliment the colors of your home.

4. Eliminate the Clutter

Many times, we use all the open space in our house to decorate. However, make sure you don’t go overboard with the decorations that make your house seem cluttered. As tempting as it may be to place every single Santa statue you have throughout your house, maybe only place one out on display and store the rest until next year.

5. Strategize Your Trimmings

Keep in mind that too many holiday decorations may distract from the features of your home, and the last thing you want is to distract from your home’s best features. You might be able to get away with hanging mistletoe in your arched doorway, but hanging eight stockings above your fireplace will hide this feature.

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