Home Staging by the Numbers & Why It Matters

Did you know staged homes spend 73 percent less time on the market?

Nearly 50 percent of buyers are swayed by home staging, so make sure it’s in the best way possible.

Remember when we gave you insight into the true value of home staging? We’re here today to help you follow-through with those practices in mind by dawning a much needed shift in perspective. If you’re going to home stage, you’re going to need to sell it. Point blank period.

Did you know 40 percent of buyers who viewed a staged home online were more likely to go see it?

Home staging is a bigger deal now more than ever. The 2018 real-estate market is projected to continue rising, and with high rollers to boot. The Charlotte Observer reports Uptown will welcome a Whole Foods! Charlotte is finally getting on the map, and attracting people who have money to spend, who will need a beautiful place to live.

Enter: you. The effervescent home stager.

Scratch that.

Enter: you. The effervescent home stager.


Home Staging in Charlotte NC Is Critical

With homes selling on an average of 96 days in Charlotte, and prices rising higher, it’s imperative you leverage every available asset at your disposal to capitalize on your asset.

And between you and us, the real-estate market is actually suffering because Charlotte doesn’t have enough houses to sell.

But yours can sell tomorrow, if you’re well prepared to take advantage of your unique opportunity.

Model staging at its core evokes a sense of possibility. Once well executed, staged homes have an exquisite divinity, bustling with opportunities swimming around in your prospective buyers’ heads.

That’s exactly where you want them.


Professional Home Staging Services Secure Higher Selling Prices

You can’t argue with numbers.

And you’re in a unique position as a seller. If you want to maximize your profit from selling your soon-to-be model staged home, you must make the necessary psychological shift from consumer to investor.

Simply put, if you’re looking to sell your home (or the home of a client), force yourself to think like an investor. Ask yourself questions like, “How can I limit my financial risk by ensuring this home sells?”

Answer: Home staging services.

Home staging is an excellent investment when selling your home.

The numbers don’t lie.

Staging your home can boost its intrinsic value between 6-10 percent. Do the math. The average home in Charlotte currently sells for $270,957. What could you do with an extra $27,095?

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The natural resistance to investing in professional home staging stems from our collective consumer mindset, which is typically centered around one thing:

How can I save money?

What we should ask is: How can I minimize my risk of not selling my home?


Calculate Return of Investment for Home Staging

Let’s calculate our Return of Investment (ROI) using this formula:

ROI= (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

Average home selling price in charlotte (investment gain): $270,957

Cost of home staging (investment cost): $1,000-$5,000

ROI= (270,957 – 1,000) / 1,000 = 269.98 (That’s basically a 270 percent return on your investment!)

ROI= (270,957 – 5,000) / 5,000 = 53.19 (This is a 53 percent return on your investment!)


10 Unconscious Benefits of Home Staging

Reducing risk is now your #1 priority in selling your home.

Here are 10 common (sometimes unconscious) pitfalls of why homes don’t sell.

Hint: they’re all addressed with model staging!

  1. Awkward and wasted empty space

  2. Buyers cannot immediately visualize how their family would utilize your home
    (77 percent of agents polled by the National Association of Realtors said home staging enabled prospects to mentally move-in their own possessions.)

  3. Dingy carpets and chipped paint

  4. Clashing color schemes and themes throughout your home

  5. Cluttered spaces & dim lighting

  6. Bold, over personalized possessions

  7. Unkempt yards (ie: lack of landscaping)

  8. (Surprisingly) unlined drawers, too-full closests, and wasted countertop space

  9. Spare bedrooms which have not been repurposed

  10. Lack of functionality by design


Uncomfortable about the subtle nuances of staging a home?

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