Staging homes for sale is a smart investment no matter what kind of property you plan to market. Vacant properties, though, present challenges occupied homes don’t – and vice versa.

So, how to professional stagers differentiate their services between homes that are empty and homes that are currently being lived in?

Staging Vacant Homes

Bring in the Warmth
The least attractive feature of a vacant home is its lack of warmth. It’s unlikely to feel cozy or comfortable and some buyer report empty properties as “cold.” Data says it takes the average buyer only 3-6 minutes to view a home, so ensuring they feel a homey, livable ambiance from the first step is crucial.

Make Rooms Bigger
Although it may seem counterintuitive, empty rooms can actually feel smaller than furnished rooms! The phenomenon exists when buyers don’t have relatable, stationary objects – a couch, a table – to scale the rest of the room against. Bringing in just enough furniture to make a space seem bigger and muti-function is optimal.

Detract from the Negative
When a home is empty, it’s pitfalls are laid bare. Issues such as scuffed baseboards, cracked tiles, and cheap blinds are all made more obvious when they’re the only things to look at in a room. You never want to purposely cover up a home’s flaws, but you do want to distract from them.


Staging Occupied Homes

Clear the Clutter
The number one job (and often the toughest) staging professionals face is the battle of the bulge. That is, homeowners with far too many items – from knick knacks to furniture to rugs to curtains. Depersonalizing your home isn’t just about taking down family photos, it’s also about removing your style from the equation altogether so a potential buyer has room to imagine theirs.

Rework the Flow
Many homeowners have all the right pieces already in place but simply don’t know how to best utilize them. Maybe a couch cuts off the flow of traffic to the kitchen or a dining room hutch makes the room seem smaller, not “full of storage.” Home stagers use their experience to rearrange existing pieces to better accommodate what today’s buyers are looking for and better utilize the home’s space.

Outline the Imperative
Homeowners often can’t or don’t want to spring for full staging services, but there’s an in-between. Some professional home stagers offer consultations, and others will provide you with a must-do list that highlights the most important boxes to check. Knowing the difference in must-do and nice-to-do can be important when it’s time to hit the market.


Do you have questions about how staging can get your home sold? Whether it’s vacant or lived-in, your house is your greatest asset and it’s up to you to make it look its best.
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