It can be tricky to know when staging is necessary to get a home sold. The short answer is, all homes should be staged before they’re put on the market. We realize that’s not a realistic expectation, but there are a few times it absolutely, positively makes financial sense to spring for staging before listing a property. There’s a reason so many successful Realtors include staging in their marketing plans.

Stage When a Home is Vacant
Perhaps the most important time to stage a home is when it’s unoccupied. Buyers have a notoriously difficult time imagining themselves living in a home that’s empty. And believe it or not, a room without furniture actually tends to look smaller than a room with furniture; it’s all about having an anchor for the eye. Vacant homes feel uninviting and the opposite of homey. Staging helps.

Stage in a Seller’s Market
Wait, what? Of course it makes sense to stage a home in a buyer’s market, but did you know it’s equally important to stage in a hot seller’s market, too? It’s all about comps: when inventory is limited, buyers know they’re paying a premium, and if your home and your neighbor’s home are both on the market for the same price, the staged house wins. If you’re planning on reaching for the stars with your asking price (which you should be in a hot market!), staging is the only way to get there.

Stage When the Home is Quirky
Maybe you think all those architectural details are “charming,” but buyers probably think they’re awkward and hard-to-decorate around. If your home is dated, needs work, or has a funky layout, staging is a good way to show people exactly how to work with the space. It can help a room go from feeling like wasted space to livable square footage in just a couple of hours.

Stage When You Expect Multiple Offers
If your Realtor suggests you price your home to elicit multiple offers, staging is a good way to boost its perceived value even more. When you ask all buyers to come to the table with their best and highest offer, know that the more special and worthy your home appears, the more you’re likely to get in a bidding war. It really is that simple.

There are, of course, dozens of other good reasons to stage a home, but these are a few of the most important. Creative Home Stagers works on homes that are dated, homes that are brand new, and homes that haven’t had occupants in a long time – but we also work on model homes, lived-in homes, and one-of-a-kind showpiece homes, too. Give us a call when you’re ready to get started.