You’re selling your home. You know you need to stage, but when? Staging is a critical part of the process if you want to get you home sold quickly and for top-dollar (and who doesn’t?) Remember, no two staging jobs are the same. You may just need a stager to rearrange your own furniture and give you advice about which knick-knacks to store. Or you might want full-service staging which could include anything from painting to bringing in rental furniture. The scope of your stage will ultimately determine how early you need to begin.

Here’s what Charlotte’s best home stagers want you to know about timing it right.


The Earlier, the Better

It’s smart to bring in a professional home stager for an evaluation before you’re even 100% sure when and for how much you’re listing your home. Staging is an investment and it’s just one component of a comprehensive marketing strategy; talking to a stager before you make some of the big decisions about open houses and pricing structure can give you a fuller picture of your options.


With Your Agent

Did you know stagers and real estate agents often work together? That’s because Realtors are really great at understanding the specific market your home will be selling in. They often give stagers a lot of helpful feedback about the target buyer pool and what’s selling right now in the immediate vicinity. Stagers and Realtors both have a lot of location-specific knowledge you can and should use to your advantage.


Before Professional Photos

You absolutely, positively need to stage before professional real estate photos are taken! The photos of your home are the most important piece of marketing material you have. Well-lit, properly staged pictures bring in more showings, get more online views, and create better brochures. Best of all? Your stager can even recommend a great real estate photographer, too.


Prior to Any Showings

Your home’s first impression matters. Don’t assume you can hold a few open houses then stage later if you’re not getting the offers you want. Once people have seen your home in its un-staged state, that’s how they’ll always remember it. Staging evokes a feeling in buyers. When done well, they’ll have an emotional response to your home that’s hard to ignore.

Full-service staging generally takes around 7-10 business days, depending on the scope. If you’re just having a stager bring in some furniture to highlight an empty property, the timeline could be shorter. If your stager is coordinating painters, landscapers, and handymen to make your property as turnkey as possible, it may take a little longer to align. Keep that in mind when you’re scheduling your initial staging appointment.


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